Types of Cooling Mattresses


Who does not want a good night’s sleep after a tiring day? That too in the scorching heat of the sun. Every human being strives for comfort. And in summer, all of us want to have cooling in addition to comfort. Everyone is busy these days, and it is quite difficult to take time out of a busy schedule to select a mattress. This article will enable you to make a quick decision. It will give you all the types of mattresses to choose from. Also you will get familiarized with what your body demands. If you want to some more knowledge on this topic do check: https://savvysleeper.org/

Best Cooling Memory Foam Mattress:

Memory foam is the most commonly used one. It has the ability to make the sleeper sink and hence comforts all pressure points. This is something really significant for people who sleep on their sides as well as for people with back pain or joint pain. One problem with them is they trap heat from the sleeper’s body. This can cause overheating and frequent sweating. So the foam must be incorporated with fusions. This would provide extra comfort and cooling to the sleeper while sleeping. It provides soft feel so it is the best option for side sleepers. It is also a great option for couples due to motion isolating capabilities.

Best Soft Cooling Mattress:

These are the best choice for people who want to sink deep and feel the comfort in addition to relieving pressure points. It also has copper infused coils which take the heat away from the sleeper. It also has gel infused in its cover to regulate temperature and maintain cooling. Some of these also come with a feature; one side is firmer than the other. Cooling properties remain the same for both sides. Pressure relief system would also be the same.

Back sleepers should choose the firmer side. That would keep their hips in an elevated position and keep them aligned with their spine. On the other hand, people who sleep on their sides should choose the softer side to relieve pressure. This is an epic combination of both cooling and contouring.

Best Firm Cooling Mattress:

Sleepers who want contouring while sleeping should choose these kinds of mattresses. They are usually hybrid and give a responsive feel. It is also the best option for people with back pain and pressure points. They contain two layers of memory foam to give a luxurious feel. The poly foam layer prevents the body from sinking. This kind of combination allows it to provide some bounce in addition to comfort and cooling. Pocketed layers are installed in the core to provide support. They also allow maximum air to flow through them and do not trap it, hence provide maximum cooling and prevent overheating. The lowermost layer consists of high density foam to enhance support. It also provides cooling. The firmness level is medium (number 6) which is considered the best for all types of sleepers.